Lara Carballo MA, MSc

Lara Carballo_imageLara is currently studying a PhD at Coventry within the School of Transport and Mobility.  She has a background in Psychology, Health Psychology and Social Care.  Prior to starting her PhD, she worked within human factors with the security and transport environments.

Presentation: Approach with Caution!
As we age, our eyesight begins to change.  With it, our peripheral vision begins to decline, making it harder for us to approach and turn at junctions without perhaps giving it that second glance.

We become more susceptible to crashes at intersections, as our judgement of the speed of oncoming vehicles, or our ability to attend to oncoming traffic becomes more difficult.  Occlusions at these crossroads serve to increase the confusion as junctions are approached, as they block the line of sight, but also cause our attentions to be divided, and our views to be cluttered.

Examining the reasons for these crashes, near misses or confusions may support professionals and drivers to prevent or minimize crashes.

This short talk would aim to highlight the difficulties in order to promote clear and simple approaches to junctions.