Presenter TBC, Child Seat Safety

Presentation: Car Seat Smarter - Online Course
Every year on average Child Seat Safety checks over 3,000 child seats and children. We are still finding that around 50% are incorrectly fitted or the child is incorrect in them.

Some of the events are police-led, with officers pulling over people who have children or child seats in their vehicles - this is used as an educational initiative, with fines and prosecutions only pursued if the circumstances are really serious.

For a while Child Seat Safety has been working on a course (similar to speed awareness) that people could be directed to for advice and help – to be used as an alternative to prosecution and as an educational tool. 

Avon and Somerset Police Force has secured funding to produce and implement such a course, similar to its Cycle Smarter initiative that has been running for around 12 months.

The new online Car Seat Smarter course will take participants through a serious of modules, based loosely on the qualification course Child Seat Safety runs - building up their knowledge so they can make informed choices when using and buying a child seat. At the end of each module there will be a test question before they are allowed to move on to the next stage.