Brightkidz: Helping You Promote Walking to School, Cycling and Road Safety

Brightkidz provides information and quality resources for schools, local authorities, businesses and parents to support walk-to-school, cycling and road safety initiatives.

Our specialities are helping children to ‘be safe be seen’ with our unique range of competitively-priced fluorescent, reflective products such as snapbands, zip clips, badges and printed hi vis waistcoats.

On the educational side our free online resources help get across the ‘fluorescent for day, reflective for night’ message. Helping children, parents and teachers understand what to use and when, to help them to be safe and seen, is crucial.

We also provide in-depth, practical information for parents and teachers about walk-to-school schemes such as the walking bus.

As a common ownership co-operative and social enterprise, all profits from sales are ploughed back to support our aims.

Brightkidz has been established for over a decade and we look forward to welcoming road safety colleagues both familiar and new to our stand at the National Road Safety Conference in Manchester.

Lance Holland