Dan Campsall, Marketing & Communications Director, Road Safety Analysis

Dan Dan Campsall is an experienced marketing and communications professional, who has oversight of a portfolio of campaigns, PR and marketing initiatives that embraces everything from car seat safety and child pedestrian training, to young drivers and motorcyclists.

In a road safety career spanning more than a decade, Dan has been involved in a number of pioneering and critically acclaimed initiatives including MAST online, CrashMap.co.uk and Safer Roads Berkshire. Dan is also involved in training and public speaking and has carried out broadcast work on every major news channel in the UK, as well as international work.

Presentation: Distraction in road-safety interventions: challenging social norms without using ‘fear appeal’

This presentation will present a pilot case study which successfully deployed an alternative to the traditional ‘fear- appealing’ approach often used in pre-driver road safety education.

The case study explored and evaluated alternative behaviour change techniques to successfully challenge two behind-the-wheel distraction-related social norms (mobile phone use and passenger distraction) through the use of positive reframing, interactive games, self-reflective techniques and normalisation of positive behaviour.

The case study comprises a good practice example for analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating a behaviour change intervention.