Iain Watson, Senior Road Safety Officer (Education), Suffolk County Council

iain-Watson-300x244After working a as a teacher and an advisory teacher, Iain Watson joined Suffolk County Council’s road safety team in 2007, and now leads the education team.  He and his team have undertaken work ranging from in-car infant safety activities, through to college based interventions, interacting with as many year groups in between as possible.

Iain is looking at how to change behaviour rather than just warn of dangers, and how to promote a positive view of road safety; to normalise good road usage behaviour.

Presentation: ‘Braking Point’ – focusing on the positives
The aim of this project was to use the majority to reach the minority, and to give information that is relevant to all and not just focus on poor in-car behaviour by some. Following on from a Theatre In Education production (‘Braking Point’) developed and delivered by P.I.E (http://www.pie.uk.com), a series of presentations were delivered to students, which had to be age appropriate, positive, and aimed at normalising ‘good behaviour’.

The intention was to deliver sessions as a partnership between Police, Fire and Rescue, and the Road Safety Team.  The project is being evaluated by Road Safety Analysis, with some or all of the results available for YDF 2017.