Jeremy Phillips, Road Safety GB Director of Research

JPHILLIPSJeremy Phillips is Devon County Council’s Road Casualty Reduction Team Manager and Road Safety GB’s Director of Research.

In this session he will offer support to anyone interested in developing, extending or improving their collision investigation work based on the processes currently used by Devon County Council.

This includes an outsourced emergency response capability; techniques to ensure collisions are understood quickly and accurately in the context of historical data; management and use of evidence to support road safety decision making and corporate claims management processes.

Topic: Collision Investigation by Local Highway Authorities

Advice and guidance offered on:

  • 24/7 ‘hot’ site investigation
  • Subcontracting key functions
  • Contextualising serious and fatal incidents within historical collision data – rapidly and efficiently
  • What to expect from collision investigators
  • Evidence management
  • Action planning following serious incidents
  • Typical learning outcomes and process improvements arising from routine collision investigation
  • Collision Investigation as part of the claims management process