Lior Sethon, Deputy General Manager, Mobileye

Lior SethonLior Sethon is the deputy general manager of Mobileye’s Aftermarket Division, responsible for adapting Mobileye’s technology into retrofit solutions for fleets, smart cities, insurance partners and other applications in the worldwide mobility sphere.

Although Mobileye is a world leader in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for OEM integration as well as autonomous driving, the Aftermarket Division, under Lior’s leadership, has developed products which bring the advanced safety features available in new models to the hundreds of millions of cars currently on the road.

Presentation: the importance of ADAS technology and its contribution to road safety

Mobileye is the leading provider of ADAS technology – specifically a collision avoidance system – and at the cutting edge of developing autonomous vehicles. Mobileye’s intelligent vision sensing system is capable of identifying a diverse and extensive variety of potential dangers on the road.

The system provides drivers with safety features including: blind-spot detection of pedestrians and cyclists; forward collision warning; headway collision warning; lane departure warning and speed limit detection.

This presentation will provide an overview of advanced driver-assistance systems – and their potential to reduce crashes and casualties – before going on to outline how Mobileye’s technology reduces overall collisions by 60%, thereby improving the safety of all road users.