Liz Brooker MBE, Road Safety & Sustainable Transport Manager, Lewisham Council

liz-brookerLiz Brooker MBE has been involved in road safety within Lewisham for more than three decades.

She is currently responsible for delivering the Bikeability cycle training programme and the council’s SCP service, as well as road safety campaigns and initiatives, encouraging smarter travel choices and the school travel plan programme and any other issues that relate in some way to road safety!

Liz is also Road Safety GB vice chair and Road Safety GB London Region’s press and communications officer, having previously held the position of national press and PR officer.

In June 2016, Liz saw her services to road safety rewarded with a MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Presentation: Pre-CBT training in Lewisham
Working in partnership with a local motorcycle training provider, Lewisham’s road safety team has developed a pre-CBT programme which is offered to people that live, work or study in Lewisham.

The programme is designed to improve safety awareness among Lewisham’s P2W riders, and enhance the working relationship between the road safety team and the borough’s CBT provider. To date, 175 riders have completed the course and the feedback has been very positive.

Liz will use her presentation to outline the programme and explain how it might be replicated by other road safety teams seeking to effectively engage with P2W riders in their area.