Teresa Healy, GoSafe & Steve Davis, South Wales Police

TeresaOperations Manager, GoSafe – the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership & Specialist Operations Inspector, South Wales Police.

Teresa Healy has been working with safety cameras since 2005 when she was employed by the then Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership as a Data Analyst.  Teresa was promoted to Operations Manager in 2009 and now responsible for the staff in management office for GoSafe, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, and is currently acting Partnership Manager.

The management office functions include Project Support, Communications and Marketing, Partnership data and performance as well as policy writing and business planning.  Teresa has worked on a number of key projects for the partnership, including the formation of an All Wales Partnership, streamlining of speed survey management and digitisation of fixed cameras and the introduction of an online traffic offence system for footage from the public.

SteveDaviesSteve Davies joined South Wales Police in 1992 and has carried out a vast array of roles ranging from general patrol duties, custody officer, Criminal Justice Unit Inspector. His most favoured role however and the one which he has carried out for the majority of his service is on the Roads Policing Unit. He was initially a PC on RPU and later returned as an Inspector.

Steve is an experienced traffic officer and is an Advanced driver qualified to carryout Tactical Pursuit and Containment as well as providing tactical advice on TPAC tactics in relation to pre-planned operations. He is also an experienced SIO and has lead investigations into numerous serious and fatal collisions.

More recently part of Steve’s role has been to oversee the South Wales Police officers and staff who form part of the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. It is since his time being involved with Go Safe that Steve became aware of Operation Snap and the benefits of implementing such a scheme would bring.

Presentation: Operation Snap
Operation Snap was devised by a safety camera unit sergeant in GoSafe, North Wales to deal with footage submitted by the public by dashcam, helmetcam and other mobile devices to process traffic offences.  This replicates the way speed camera offences are processed and saves an estimated 15 hours of police officer time per offence submitted.  Operation Snap is now rolled out across Wales. Teresa will outline how it works, the technological solutions that made it happen and give case study examples.