Katrina Pedlar & Alison Williams, Warwickshire County Council

kat-pedlarKatrina Pedlar, Team Leader, Road Safety Education and Training, Warwickshire County Council
With more than 18 years’ experience in traffic management and road safety, Katrina is currently responsible for road safety education, school crossing patrols and driver training.

During a period of budget cuts, Katrina’s team were at the forefront of redesigning the service operation to achieve significant savings while maintaining service delivery. By working in partnership with the private and public sector, local communities and schools, the team has secured funding and support to enable the delivery of vital road safety skills within schools. Katrina strongly believes in embracing change, exploring alternatives and meeting the challenge of reduced resources head on. Road safety education in Warwickshire is now not only continuing to be delivered, but is thriving and embracing innovation, all of which helps to attract ongoing sponsorship and support.

Ali-photoAlison Williams, Senior Road Safety Officer, Warwickshire County Council
Alison Williams has worked in local government for 32 years and has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of road safety – organising and delivering road safety interventions and campaigns to children and adults.

Alison developed and now manages the Warwickshire Road Safety Club for primary school children and has recently reviewed the Driving Ambitions programme for secondary age students. She is currently leading the way in Warwickshire by redesigning the road safety programme to adapt to new behavioural change techniques such as Kagan co-operative learning and to take advantage of innovations such as virtual reality.

Alison is also the lead in approaching the private sector to seek funding to support road safety education in schools and liaising with communities and partners to ensure continued delivery.

Alison’s passion, drive and commitment to road safety has ensured that the current schools programme continues to develop and grow, and remains in a positive position in the future.

Topic: revenue generation/self funding/charging for road safety services