Dr Suzy Charman, Executive Director, Road Safety Foundation

Suzy-Charman-webSuzy became research director of the Road Safety Foundation in 2017.  She is responsible for overseeing the technical quality and delivery of the Foundation’s research portfolio.

Suzy has a degree and PhD in Psychology.  After her studies Suzy started her career as a human factors consultant at QinetiQ with a specialism in visual search and aviation security.  In 2005, Suzy joined EuroRAP and, over the coming years, led the programme of work that resulted in the establishment of iRAP.  In 2009 Suzy joined TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) as a principal road safety specialist, and quickly progressed to become TRL’s head of international road safety.  During this time Suzy was also appointed a trustee of the Transport Charity Transaid.

Suzy is an experienced technical lead and project manager, having undertaken a wide variety of projects including the development of multi-sector national road safety strategies and action plans, speed management methodologies, bench-marking road safety performance, innovative approaches to self-explaining roads, understanding pedestrian behaviour and the use of crossing facilities, and policy recommendations for vehicle recovery and hard shoulder safety, drivers hours and fatigue and private sector health and safety initiatives.  Suzy was a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration for five years and led one area of work on road safety infrastructure management tools and methods within the Safer Roads and Mobility project group.

Suzy holds a 1st class degree in Psychology and PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Cardiff University, and a postgraduate diploma in Statistics.