Philippa Young, Group Manager Transport Planning, Traffic and Road Safety, Warwickshire County Council


With more than 25 years’ experience in the road safety profession, Philippa Young has managed both safety engineering and road safety ETP teams, as well as school travel planning teams in local authorities across the country. Having worked in local authorities for so long, Philippa has seen and managed many challenges with regard to how services are funded and delivered.

She was appointed group manager in 2013 and considers her team in Warwickshire to be a true integration of the four Es; combining expertise in data analysis, road safety education, training and publicity, casualty reduction, highways engineering and driver education services.

Philippa led on the Strategic Commissioning Review of Highway Services across Warwickshire when the local authority was considering the commissioning of all services. Her review advocated the continued internal delivery of services alongside the development of internal business models.

In 2013 Warwickshire County Council announced that it would be removing virtually all the revenue funding for Road Safety ETP work from May 2016. Philippa’s team has introduced a series of initiatives to ensure that the service is maintained, including appointing a business development officer and charging for resources and services.