‘Dead Slow’ virtual reality film



The British Horse Society is launching a new virtual reality version of its ‘Dead Slow’ film in June 2018.

The BHS has found it difficult to let drivers know what it is like to be on a horse when a car passes too fast or too close. We can tell drivers and they may well forget, we can show them and they may well remember - but if we involve them then they will understand.

In this educational film, BHS is setting out to involve drivers so that they know not only what to do when they see a horse on the road, but also why they should pass the horse wide and slow. 

The film gives the point of view of the rider and the driver as BBC Sports presenter Lizzie Greenwood Hughes takes the viewer through a perfect pass of a horse and explains the reasons why this is important.

This film will be shown at driving events and shows after launch, and made available to road safety organisations to increase the education of drivers and influence their behaviour to increase the safety of horses, riders and drivers.

This film is not ‘shock and awe’ but very informative and educational. The film will be evaluated with individual questionnaires to viewers asking how the film will affect their driving when they see a horse on the road.

Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety, British Horse Society

Me photoAlan Hiscox is the strategic lead for the implementation and management of the BHS’s charitable objectives regarding safety for horse riders. He is also responsible for assessing current and potential opportunities to develop all aspects of safety within equestrian sector.

Alan served 26 years in the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch and 14 years as chief equitation officer at the Met Police’s Training School.