2Wheels London


Over recent years, the sale of smaller Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) has increased exponentially and with that, the likelihood of increasing casualties. Figures show that more ‘commuter sized’ motorcycles and scooters are being bought than for any other year since comparative records began in 1983. The upward trend continues.

This presentation will demonstrate how road safety campaigners can access and influence these elusive and vulnerable commuters, while keeping within tight budgetary restraints.

This presentation will outline how 2WL provides a coherent, strategic approach to assist partner local authorities, agencies and other stakeholders in their aim of reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities throughout Greater London.

The programme, which has been running for over a decade in partnership with leading London based employers, has been fully redeveloped and is now project managed by dedicated and highly experienced road safety professionals within the London Road Safety Council, a charity with a tight focus on reducing harm on London roads.

Debbie-HuckleDebbie Huckle, London Road Safety Council and Road Safety Officer for London Borough of Brent 

Debbie is the team leader for safety and travel planning at the London Borough of Brent and has 18 years of experience working in road safety.

She is also honorary secretary of the London Road Safety Council and enjoys working with colleagues on projects to help reduce casualties in London.

Debbie has a keen interest in motorcycle safety, especially as the renowned Ace Café is located in Brent, and given her role as vice chair of the 2Wheels London Stakeholder Group.