Benjamin Smith & Michael Frearson, The Bikeability Trust

Benjamin Smith has worked in the cycle training industry almost since the inception of the National Standard and Bikeability, as an instructor and instructor trainer, working with every age group, ability, demographic and to every training outcome.

Before joining The Bikeability Trust, Benjamin worked as operations manager for one of the largest training providers across the UK.  

Michael Frearson first encountered Bikeability as a parent in 2010 when his eldest son came home from school with his Bikeability Level 2 certificate and badge. He trained as a National Standard instructor the following year, before training as a National Standard instructor trainer. In 2013, Michael joined the board of The Association of Bikeability Schemes, where he served until 2015.

Michael has contributed to the creation of Bikeability promotional videos for driving instructors and for schools and families, and to the development of the current Bikeability award certificates and booklets. He has also contributed to research on the impact of Bikeability on children’s cycling (with the National Foundation for Educational Research, 2015), investigated the economic impact of the bicycle industry and cycling (for the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, 2017), and designed the current Bikeability impact evaluation for the DfT (with SQW economic development consultants, forthcoming).

Michael has more than 20 years’ experience working with schools, further and higher education and work-based learning, mostly in public policy consultancy and professional practice research, development and evaluation roles.

Presentation: The value and effectiveness of a National Standard for Cycling: how it underpins the DfT’s Bikeability programme, and suggested further uses
The National Standard for Cycling has been hosted on the DVSA website since October 2018, but how many people are aware that it even exists, let alone what it contains and what has informed the content? This presentation will introduce the Standard, and explain how it informs the Bikeability training scheme, (the DfT funded cycle training programme in schools).

Furthermore, ideas for a wider use of the National Standard for Cycling will be presented, showing how it can positively affect the world of driver training, driver CPC, pedestrian training and more.