Tanya Fosdick, Head of Research, Agilysis

Tanya-Fosdick-2019Tanya is an experienced researcher who specialises in translating complex evidence into practice. With more than a decade of experience in the road safety sector, especially in relation to young drivers and motorcyclists, Tanya seeks to bridge the gap between academia and practitioners to improve the quality of road safety interventions, particularly in the educational arena.

Tanya is head of research at Agilysis and principal research associate at Road Safety Analysis, leading research for both organisations and collaborating with the internal teams and often a variety of external experts to deliver projects.

Tanya's recent work includes exploring the issues relating to rural young drivers, adult pedestrians, occupational road risk, older drivers, the road safety performance of the Coalition Government and assessing the British Road Safety Statement.

In addition to research, Tanya has been leading evaluation projects since 2003, incorporating behaviour change theories into evaluation methodologies. She is currently involved in a variety of local and national evaluation projects exploring the efficacy of young driver, advanced driver training and motorcycle interventions.

Presentation: Effectiveness of UK road safety behaviour change interventions
In Spring 2017, the RAC Foundation published two reports addressing the role of behaviour change and behavioural change techniques in road safety. The two reports received a Prince Michael Road Safety Award in 2017, after being described as having ‘changed professional understanding’ of the use of behavioural change techniques in road safety.

The RAC Foundation has commissioned further research, this time from Agilysis, to: understand the impact of these reports on the design and delivery of road safety interventions; to review evaluations undertaken on interventions; to understand the barriers and facilitators of those delivering road safety behavioural change interventions; and to identify best practice examples,.

The report is to be published to coincide with the 2019 National Road Safety Conference, where Tanya Fosdick will use her presentation to outline the main findings of the study.