Buchanan Computing


Buchanan Computing is the UK’s foremost provider of Road Traffic Collision analysis, data visualisation and reporting software. Providing both back office and web GIS solutions with a range of complementary services including: hosting within our private cloud (Buchanan’s Cloud), training and consultancy services.

AccsMap is our comprehensive map-based road collision analysis system developed specifically for the UK and is currently being used by over 50% of the UK’s police forces and many local authorities. It allows users to

  1. Perform in-depth data interrogations using powerful, but user-friendly, query-building tools;
  2. Find out where vehicle drivers/casualties are from;
  3. Generate IMD reports based on Super Output Areas levels;
  4. Analyse monitoring sites, with optional add-on for first-year rate of return reporting;
  5. Access the Download Centre to investigate collision data nation-wide;
  6. Understand collision correlations between time and day;
  7. Import and export data in several formats, including CRASH, Niche, and CAD;
  8. Visualise annual road casualties’ data to live…and much more!

TraffWeb is a web portal, providing live access to published road accident data through any standard internet browser allowing users to utilise advanced searches and reporting tools – all embedded directly within the highly customisable web-interface.

For more information, please contact:

Umberto Musico di Ambo e Anto
Sales Consultant
Buchanan Computing
227 Shepherds Bush Road  London W6 7AS
020 8846 3220