The Riot Act

The Riot Act design and deliver bespoke interventions for young people and schools, using creativity and key behavioural change techniques to design projects that are engaging, contemporary and relevant. We cover a multitude of issues, specialising in promoting key road safety, sustainable travel and air quality messages in ways that have a real emotional and educational impact.

Our projects include interactive theatre experiences and assemblies, workshops, regional ‘dragons den’ style competitions and working with students to create films and podcasts that enables them to take personal ownership of the issues they face and what they can do to overcome them. Furthermore, we provide complete project delivery – including school engagement and recruitment, liaison with key stakeholders and a thorough and robust evaluation process.

We thrive when working collaboratively with experts, such as road safety and school travel teams. As such, we have worked with a multitude of agencies all across the UK, reaching approximately 200,000 young people per year. This experience has made us a recognised and trusted brand across hundreds of schools, meaning we can make important in-roads to ensure your messages reach students in a vibrant, exciting and unforgettable way.


Daniel Hobson
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