Young Driver Course

Kent County Council offers four virtual sessions delivered in a peer-to-peer setting, addressing the crash causations for young people. If we provide knowledge as to why things happen, we believe pupil’s gain greater understanding of behaviours and ultimately, adopt safer ones.

The sessions cover ‘Driving and Seeing’, ‘Speed and Force’, ‘Impairment’ and ‘Impulse & Control’. The sessions are delivered in a way that enables them to be accessible to all learners, whilst being flexible to the school demands.

By offering a 5th live question and answer session with partners, we consolidate on the sessions’ content and are able to respond to current trends. By the time of the conference, we will have a second evaluation report completed and will update on this.

Lorna Smith, Road Safety Team, Kent County Council

Lorna Smith is a qualified teacher who has worked in primary, secondary and adult education.

She spent 21 years with Kent Police, undertaking roles in crash scene management, initial crash investigation and deployed as a family liaison officer for fatal crashes.

Lorna has worked in the Kent County Council road safety team since 2019. In that time she has been involved in a range of education, training and publicity interventions for the 12-24 year old road user group.