Road Safety GB - future direction in uncertain times

Road Safety GB provides a valuable and, in fact, unique part of the road safety provision within the UK.

Through ongoing development work, a new ‘5 Year Strategic Plan’ has been established. This will help to guide the organisation by setting out a range of priority activities. The new plan embraces the values and history of Road Safety GB, whilst moving the organisation forward to ensure it remains relevant in ever changing times.

James Gibson, Executive Director, Road Safety GB

James Gibson took up the post of Executive Director of Road Safety GB in March 2022.

James has worked in the road safety profession for more than 20 years, in both local government and the police.

He joined Road Safety GB from Leicestershire County Council where he most recently held a management role overseeing road safety, sustainable travel, public rights of way and passenger transport information and provision.

James previously held the post of director of communications for Road Safety GB, on a voluntary basis, between 2009 and 2015. As a national spokesperson he undertook many media interviews on a wide range of road safety topics.

In his current role, James manages the charitable side of Road Safety GB’s work, reporting to the charity’s board of trustees, and the business/trading side which is conducted through RSGB International.