Project EDWARD – telling the right stories?

Since its inception in 2016, the Project EDWARD initiative has secured its place in the road safety calendar. Now with ongoing support from government, policy makers, public authorities and private enterprise, its September week of action goes from strength to strength in showcasing examples of good practice and collaborative working. But is it telling the right stories to the right audiences?

Darren Lindsey, formerly of Michelin and now part of the EDWARD team, will provide an overview and evaluation of the 2022 Week of Action and will invite recommendations from conference delegates as to where EDWARD’s longer-term direction of travel should be set.

Darren Lindsey, Director, Projects Zero

Darren Lindsey was formerly Vice President of Government and Public Affairs in Africa and the Middle East for Michelin, one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers.

In that role, Darren was responsible for the development of relationships and sustainable partnerships with Government departments and various NGOs connected to the transport industry, and for the global strategy of Michelin’s Sustainable Safe Mobility programs and deployment.

With over 25 years' industry experience, he was instrumental on the world stage in helping Michelin build their reputation in the private sector as one of the world leaders in promoting safer mobility.

As a result, Darren still sits on the Board for Roadsafe and is an active contributor to the UN Road Safety Collaboration, FIA, World Rescue Organisation, Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards and the International Roads Federation.

He recently set up Projects Zero with James Luckhurst (Founder of Project EDWARD) to help clients focus on strategic partnerships and engagement in the field of safe, sustainable mobility.

Darren’s respected knowledge is well complimented with a hands-on approach, which now sees him both strategically and operationally engaged with campaigns like Project EDWARD.