Travel4Life: Enabling safe independent mobility

In Lancashire, older residents represent a high proportion of KSI casualties (in particular fatalities) and have a significant rate of involvement in KSI collisions. The 'usual' contributory factors are seen, however the road safety team has also identified circumstances and behaviours which seem to be increasingly likely to result in collisions as we age.

Travel4Life sessions are lively and interactive presentations, delivered to a variety of community groups using a combination of serious messages, humour and discussion. The sessions are designed to equip older residents with information and take away actions to help keep themselves and others safe on the roads.

This presentation will outline Lancashire road safety team's journey as they have adapted and improved this modular intervention to improve flexibility and effectiveness, and meet the needs of communities and groups with specific road safety challenges - while also significantly reducing costs.

Jackie Brindle, Road Safety Manager, Lancashire County Council

Jackie Brindle is Road Safety Manager at Lancashire County Council. She has 35 years' experience in local government including transport systems development, accessibility planning, sustainable travel, international project delivery and public health.

Jackie has specialised in road safety for the past 10 years and worked with a wide variety of organisations across the UK, and with the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership.