A child’s pathway to scooting and why so many give up at an early age

This presentation will highlight the differences between two wheel and three wheel scooters and the pitfalls that parents fall into purchasing a child’s scooter, making them unsafe to ride on pavements.

James Rodger, Founder, Scoot Fit

James Rodger is the founder and owner of Scoot Fit and a professional scooting coach.

Scoot Fit has been delivering innovative, fun, scooter training days from Reception to Year 6 in schools for over five years, providing 70 scooters on each visit.

Scoot Fit’s innovative approach has identified a large percentage of children in school struggle with balance and control of a three and two wheel scooter, leaving them and unable to scoot to school. School active travel rates immediately increase after identifying them, so they can then scoot to school safely.

Scoot Fit also delivers one day training courses involving theory and practical aspects of scooting for road safety teams and councils, to help them delivery educational sessions which are fun and informative.