The use of data to successfully develop pre-collision interventions

Alison Lowe will provide an update on the Vision Zero position in West Yorkshire in its first year of delivery, explain the context of the five pillars (Safe Speeds, Safe Streets, Safe Vehicles, Safe Behaviours and Post Collision Response), the political interface and the challenges the project team has faced.

Meanwhile, Simon D'Vali will set out a new concept around data analysis using multiple data sources (including police and health data). This will attempt to draw patterns of behaviour in West Yorkshire via GIS Mapping with a view to developing multi-agency delivery programmes.

Alison Lowe, West Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

Alison Lowe is the West Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC). The DMPC works with the Mayor to oversee policing in the county, on behalf of the public. Other key functions include commissioning services to support those harmed by crime and reduce reoffending, consulting the public to ensure their views and priorities are taken into account, strengthening links such as inclusive growth and community safety and cohesion.

Alison has organised and now also chairs the Vision Zero Board for West Yorkshire, a multi-agency partnership specifically designed to ensure Safer Roads integration delivery around Vision Zero principles.

Simon D’Vali, Chair, West Yorkshire Safer Roads Steering Group

Simon has 29 years’ experience as a civil engineer specialising in road safety and casualty reduction delivery programmes. He has worked alongside public health for 17 years and assisted with the integration of the service into Bradford Council.

Simon currently chairs the West Yorkshire Safer Roads Steering Group and has previously chaired Core Cities and the West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership.

He is also a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) and has given evidence in Parliament at Transport Select Committees on new Government legislation around road safety.