Safe system cultural maturity; developing a transformative model for organisations

Organisations can declare that they are adopting a Safe System approach but if their corporate culture doesn’t reflect the right motivations and actions, it will not deliver actions to create the Safe System they envisage.

Developed in 2022, the Safe System Cultural Maturity Model (SSCMM) can be used diagnostically to assess the degree to which the Safe System approach is permeating policy and practice within road safety organisations. Based on international evidence, the SSCMM has been developed from 4 Safe System models, 16 leading guidance documents and 100 safe system actions as well as literature on cultural maturity and behaviour change.

An associated question set can be used to test the stage of maturity that an organisation has reached. Having tested this diagnostic tool, it has sufficient fidelity to identify differences within and between organisations.

Throughout the design process, the team have been seeking to develop a tool that can highlight current maturity, evaluate development over time, provide comparative insights between organisations, and set the agenda for cultural transformation.

Dan Campsall, Chairman, Agilysis

Having dedicated over a decade to road safety, Dan has been involved in leading a number of pioneering and critically acclaimed initiatives such as MAST online, and Safer Roads Berkshire all of which have gone on to win major awards. Dan also does a good deal of training, public speaking and is often used as a commentator by various media networks.

Dan has a background in marketing and communications who has overseen many of RSA’s campaigns; a portfolio of initiatives that embraces everything from car seat safety and child pedestrian training to young drivers and motorcyclists.

In addition to his role in Agilysis, Dan supports the work of PACTS and is a member of RoadSafe.