A Safe Journey to a Brighter Destination

The presentation will focus on the safety aspects of MCIA's recently published ‘The Journey to a Brighter Destination’ document, in support of leisure motorcycling.

‘The Journey’ puts forward a compelling argument for why leisure motorcycling needs to be treated as such in the upcoming phase out consultation given its significant benefits to our mental health and wellbeing and the industry’s economic contribution and associated tourism benefits.

Leisure motorcycling also has considerable environmental advantages over other transport modes, something DfT has itself acknowledged given the sector’s emissions contribution is just 0.4% of overall UK transport emissions and, therefore, an essential tool with which Government can use to reach net zero quicker.

Despite the benefits, there are still several barriers to entry that make it disproportionately difficult when compared with other leisure activities. One such barrier is safety concerns. Rider casualties have dropped considerably since the early 2000’s, but the situation has plateaued and more must be done to improve rider safety, something ‘The Journey’ does not shy away from.

Karen Cole will present MCIa's ideas for how testing and training can be improved to encourage more riders to progress from CBT to a full licence, for example. Safety improvements can also be made by not having to repeat identical Module 1 and Module 2 tests for each stage of the licence acquisition process. Repeating these modules does nothing to raise standards of riding and creates unnecessary barriers to a full licence.

More must also be done to encourage riders to continue improving their riding skills after they’ve passed their test, something MCIA is leading on via its new Elite Rider programme, intended to instil a sense of belonging, something aspirational for riders. Full details will be provided in the presentation.

Karen Cole, Director of Safety and Training, MCIA

Karen Cole began working for the MCIA, overseeing safety activity for the motorcycle industry, 20 years ago. She is now developing expertise in 2, 3 and 4 wheeled Powered Light Vehicles and is enjoying the challenge.

She regularly collaborates with the Department for Transport, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), Transport for London, Highways England, RoSPA, IAM RoadSmart, Institute of the Motor Industry, motorcycle training providers, road safety officers, plus many road safety groups and project teams. She is also a director and motorcycle expert for Prince Michael’s international road safety charity, RoadSafe.

With access to such a large network of road safety and legislative influencers, Karen has an invaluable perspective to apply to all matters concerning motorcycle safety and training. She feels privileged to be involved with them all.