Heads Up - the world’s first illegal mobile enforcement programme

Driver distraction is a major unaddressed cause of road trauma and fatalities globally. Australian start- up Acusensus, has developed world-leading technology to address this important issue by using artificial intelligence (AI) to capture the illegal use of mobile phones by drivers.

This presentation will provide a case study on the world’s first illegal mobile enforcement programme which began in 2019 in New South Wales, Australia, trial data and insights from our pilot in UK as well as future applications for use across the UK road network.

It will focus on how Acusensus’ enforcement solution is addressing distracted driving and helping reduce road injuries and fatalities. Key insights, data and trends will showcase how the ‘Heads-Up’ solution has made a real-world impact to significantly change driver behaviour and in turn save lives and address the trauma and loss resulting from this dangerous driver behaviour.

Alex Jannink, Founder and Managing Director, Acusensus

Alexander is a passionate advocate for road safety, focusing on interventions that improve road user behaviour.

He is Managing Director of Acusensus, an innovative road safety technology provider which delivered the world-first distracted driving enforcement camera solution deployed by the government of NSW Australia - 'Acusensus Heads-Up'.

Prior to founding Acusensus, Alexander was Head of Research & Development for a multinational camera enforcement provider and has developed camera enforcement technology that has been deployed in over 30 countries.