Dash cams (and similar): What are the challenges and opportunities for road safety and roads policing?

The Road Safety Trust (in collaboration with Lincolnshire Police) has funded a team of researchers at Keele University to explore the current landscape of third party submission of footage to the police by road users.

The project - 'How can 'Dash Cam' technology be used most effectively by the police to reduce road offending and improve road safety?' - is taking an in-depth look at the way in which the police receive, process, and respond to footage sent in by drivers, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians captured through the use of dash cams, helmet cams and mobile phones.

It is also, and importantly, exploring the views of those who submit footage, and those who have been dealt with by the police by virtue of having been featured in submitted footage. The project will consider the opportunities and challenges posed by this development in road safety and roads policing, leading to best practice recommendations that are informed by the research.

Dr Helen Wells, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Keele University

Dr Helen Wells is a senior lecturer in Criminology at Keele University. She is also the Director of the Roads Policing Academic Network.

She has many years' experience researching roads policing topics including the use of speed cameras, ANPR, distracted driving, attitudes to roads policing, and uninsured driving.

Dr Santiago Amietta, Lecturer in Criminology, Keele University

Dr Santiago Amietta is a lecturer in Criminology at Keele University.

His research focuses on lay people's participation in criminal justice processes and everyday experiences of the law and legal institutions.