Thinking beyond the school gates - how Behavioural Science can help you understand the real barriers to active travel

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West Berkshire Council (WBC) wants more children aged 10/11 years to adopt independent active travel in a safe, sustainable way. Currently, this is not the norm. WBC commissioned So-Mo to explore this problem.

In this project, So-Mo used its methodology “THIS”, which combines behavioural science, research methods and human-centred design to identify facilitators and barriers to independent active travel. The project team designed a “Road Safety Quest” - a mobile ethnography activity that allowed them to connect with the target audience and see the world from their perspective.

Participants in this workshop will come away with an understanding of some of the most important concepts in Behavioural Science that they can apply to their own practice. This is an ideal workshop for road safety practitioners and commissioners looking to work in innovative ways to improve road safety, modal shift and achieve sustainable travel goals.

Through a mix of presentations of the Road Safety Quest case study and activities, the participants will learn:

  • What is the intention-action gap?
  • Why does the intention-action gap matter to road safety practitioners?
  • What can we do to close the intention-action gap?

Dr Holly Hope Smith, Head of Behavioural Science, So-Mo

Holly Hope Smith is So-Mo’s Head of Behavioural Science. As well as a practicing academic at Manchester University, she holds honorary research posts at the Karolinska Institute.

She brings a deep understanding of the theory that underpins nudging and behaviour change methodologies. All her work involves identifying the drivers of change needed to make positive impacts in a real-world setting.

She has published several academic papers including in the Lancet and is a regular presenter on the international stage.

Lelde Krumina, So-Mo

Having graduated with Distinctions in Psychology (MSc) from The University of St Andrews and Humanities (MLitt) from the University of Dundee, Lelde has spent three years developing her expertise in the field of behavioural science and psychology through research assistant roles within academia and the private sector.

Since joining the So-Mo team, Lelde has taken on the responsibility of coordinating user research activity, moderating mobile ethnography projects and analysing/synthesising research outputs and maintaining regular communications with clients and project partners.