THINK & TAILOR like a Behavioural Scientist & you will TRANSFORM

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To increase seatbelt use amongst young people from the South Asian community in Birmingham, So-Mo, together with Birmingham City Council, designed a solution based on the integration of Behavioural Science and co-design. A unique aspect of the project was the tailored design created in collaboration with the people most impacted by the problem.

Participants in this workshop will come away with an understanding of how to think like a Behavioural Scientist, how to tailor to your audience, and why this will result in a higher chance of transforming behaviour! With help of an interesting case study and interactive activities, participants will learn:

  • Why tailoring to your target audience is so important
  • Why it is better to not only tailor to the ‘who’ but also the ‘why’
  • Why a tailored intervention might come unstuck
  • How to use Behavioural Science to overcome these problems

Nicola Wass, CEO and Founder, So-Mo

Nicola Wass is the CEO and Founder of So-Mo. She brings the human perspective to the heart of policy, service, and intervention design.

Her clients include national and local government including National Highways, UK local authorities, Hospital Trusts and global NGOs.

Never afraid to follow paths that seem counter-intuitive, Nicola is valued for her ability to challenge conventional thinking, engaging clients and contributors as willing partners on the journey.

Her work has featured on: Good Morning Britain, Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’, Wright Stuff, The One Show and also in national newspapers including the Times and the Telegraph.

Fenna Boerkamp, Research Assistant, So-Mo

Having graduated with distinction in Psychology (BSc) from the University of Twente and in Behaviour Change (MSc) from Radboud University, Fenna took on a teaching position at the University of Twente. In this role, she lectured BSc Psychology students in designing behavioural interventions and solving a wide variety of psychological problems, as well as in psychological communication and conversation skills.

Now part of the So-Mo team as a Research Assistant, Fenna is engaged in designing and delivering behavioural projects for clients in the public sector using So-Mo’s own ‘THIS’ methodology. This involves, for example, coordinating user research activity, developing, analysing/synthesising research outputs, delivering presentations and workshops, and maintaining regular communications with clients and project partners.