Room 9 Media - Safer and Sustainable travel through the Primary School


Welcome to Room 9 Media!

This year, we will be showcasing our range of eye-catching resources that are ideal for each stage of the primary school journey. We’ve been particularly busy and here are just some of the items that will feature:

‘Safer, Fitter, Greener’
Safer, Fitter, Greener is full of new, innovative activities, giving children the opportunity to investigate Active Travel, learn how to keep themselves safe, boost their personal fitness and help the planet!

Animations and presentations for schools
We have developed a series of animations and digital presentations with a safer and sustainable travel theme.

Banners with a message
We’ve not only developed several banners for schools ourselves but have adapted countless pieces of artwork by the children themselves!

If you want to have a look at our resources or just want to come and say hello then it will be great to see you!


John and Denise Billington