Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

TRL Software is the world’s leading traffic management solution provider, powering over 350 cities globally; keeping roads flowing, making them safer, reducing congestion and helping to deliver on clean air targets.

TRL Software range includes its cloud based accident analysis software system, iMAAP. iMAAP enables road safety professionals to identify problems based on in-depth analyses of accident data; establish safety goals based on identified problems, which are measurable, realistic and time specific. iMAAP allows you to create plans and  programmes of countermeasures, understand associated costs and timelines; implement and monitor programmes and to periodically check progress; as well as evaluate the effectiveness of all interventions implemented.

To date, iMAAP has saved over 25,000 lives around the world, by providing the vital information required to target road safety interventions effectively, and ultimately reduce the number of fatal and serious road traffic accidents.

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