Compass IoT

Compass IoT is a multi-award-winning Road Intelligence company. We use connected vehicle data to help transport professionals build better, safer, and more resilient transport infrastructure across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Compass Road Intelligence data is used by almost every Australian state government to proactively monitor road networks across rural and metropolitan areas. Compass vehicle-generated insights have been used by public and large private multinational organisations alike to achieve business outcomes across road safety, freight, origin-destination, asset maintenance, and network optimisation. Our data helped to:

  • Halve crashes on one of Sydney's busiest roads
  • Identify road asset improvements for freight efficiency gains
  • Monitor worker safety across 27km of highway, a project worth $261 million
  • Proactively address safety at rail level crossings using vehicle g-force, braking, and swerving data

Contact details:

Marinos Tsiplakis