RedboxVR provide industry-leading Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions to customers worldwide.

From our all-in-one classroom kits that are in use by students and teachers throughout Europe and beyond, to our bespoke VR solutions built specifically for the commercial and industrial training sector. RedboxVR can provide the solution required to meet your needs.

Every RedboxVR kit comes with a 2-year warranty against defects or software failure. We work with the leading VR software and production companies to bring the best solutions - whatever your requirements. Our continuing research into the latest technological advances in the world of VR and AR allow us to provide the most appropriate immersive experience. We have worked with a wide range of customers across the globe from varying industries and we pride ourselves on our adaptability.

All our kits are UK-made and self-contained so absolutely everything you need is included and ready to go. This is technology that doesn't get in the way, it paves the way for engaging, exciting learning like never before!

Contact details:

01253 804802