Do Bad Drivers Choose Certain Vehicle Brands?

We might think that drivers of one vehicle make are worse than another, but are there really differences? Until now, there was little evidence to inform the debate and, critically, to challenge whether there is something about the way in which vehicles are marketed that leads to a different risk profile for drivers of different brands. From a robust analysis of over 400,000 drivers involved in crashes we controlled for variables relating to prevalence of different brands, predominance of road types being driven and the demographics of the different driving populations. What were we left with? An estimation of the effect that the brand choice might have on risk.

Dan Campsall, Chairman, Agilysis

Having dedicated over a decade to road safety, Dan has been involved in leading a number of pioneering and critically acclaimed initiatives such as MAST online, and Safer Roads Berkshire all of which have gone on to win major awards. Dan also does a good deal of training, public speaking and is often used as a commentator by various media networks.

Dan has a background in marketing and communications who has overseen many of RSA’s campaigns; a portfolio of initiatives that embraces everything from car seat safety and child pedestrian training to young drivers and motorcyclists.

In addition to his role in Agilysis, Dan supports the work of PACTS and is a member of RoadSafe.