Revitalising Road Safety: Harnessing Education for Lasting Impact

In this presentation Elizabeth will outline a comprehensive roadmap for optimising the impact of road safety education, drawing on the findings of the now complete three-year PdTWER project which was supported by the Department for Transport, the Road Safety Trust, RAC Foundation, National Fire Chiefs Council, Road Safety GB and Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

The presentation will showcase the key discoveries of this programme of research and implications for broader road safety education initiatives. In addition, innovations being led by the National Fire Chiefs Council and the Department for Transport, which have been developed alongside and in response to this work, will be outlined.

Finally, practical insights will be provided to enable attendees to enhance road safety through their local educational provisions and a comprehensive free to access online report summarising the PdTWER programme of research and recommended actions will also be made available.

Dr Elizabeth Box, Research Director, RAC Foundation

Elizabeth is an accomplished transport researcher and commissioner with almost two decades of experience. She has an excellent track record in influencing and contributing to road safety policy outcomes at the national level.

Elizabeth is the Research Director at the RAC Foundation, an independent charity which researches the environmental, mobility, safety and economic issues relating to roads and their users. She is also a Behavioural Science Consultant at Co-Pilot, a start-up which develops evidence-based road safety education.

Elizabeth has a PhD in Transport Psychology from Cranfield University, where she focused on developing and trialling pre-driver education interventions grounded in behavioural science. Elizabeth is an advisor to several road safety industry and government project boards and is a judge for the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. She is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, a technical champion for the organisation as well as a judge for the Institute’s annual Road Safety Award.