Identify near-miss incidents, rat-running and other road safety use cases using connected vehicle data

In this presentation, delegates will hear how Australia-based Compass IoT is working with road authorities to improve road safety using data from connected vehicles.

Connected vehicle data allows transport professionals to not only analyze speeds, congestion and journey times, but other unique insights such as queue length, near-miss incidents and sudden lane changes are also possible with this unique dataset.

Marinos Tsiplakis, General Manager, Compass IoT

Marinos Tsiplakis is the General Manager of Compass IoT - a multi-award-winning road intelligence company that uses connected vehicle data to help transport professionals build better, safer cities.

Over his 20 year career, he has used analytics and big data concepts to solve customer pain points across a multitude of industries in Australia and the United States.

Compass IoT was also awarded a Google Cloud Customer Award in 2022 for using data to prioritise road maintenance and repair after the 2022 Lismore floods.