Proposed legislative changes to the criminal law relating to road collisions

This presentation will raise awareness of the current campaigns for changes to the criminal law relating to road user behaviour. It will then go on to consider how these proposed changes might achieve the dual aim of positively affecting road user behaviour whilst also increasing confidence of victims in the criminal justice system. An example of this is the current campaign to increase the sentences for failing to stop and report collisions; this is currently dealt with as a minor technical offence and is seen as a major injustice by victims of hit and run drivers.

Finally, the presentation will go on to consider how far UK law could go in imposing positive duties upon road users for post collision behaviour (e.g. the imposition of a duty to call emergency services and whether there can be any civil / criminal liability for failing to do so etc).

Matt Evans, Partner and Head of Manchester office, CFG Solicitors

Matt Evans qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and has over 25 years’ experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Over the last two decades he has specialised exclusively in cases involving serious injuries. He also represents families who have been bereaved as a result of fatal incidents.

All of Matt’s current clients have suffered life changing injuries and the overwhelming majority of clients that Matt has represented over the course of his career have been injured in road traffic collisions.

He strongly believes that it is possible to make a positive difference to people’s lives through the legal process that follows on from a road traffic collision and is committed to achieving the very best outcome for injured people and their families.