dashcamUK: a new road safety mobile application

In autumn 2023 a new road safety mobile application, dashcamUK, was launched with the aim of dramatically reducing the number of road fatalities in the UK. A couple of months after the launch, the results to date will be exclusively revealed in this presentation at the National Road Safety Conference.

dashcamUK represents a new, technologically advanced solution for social policing on the roads. The presentation will show how dashcamUK compares to existing solutions and why it is so effective in helping reduce the number of collisions. It will include a brief demo to showcase how the system is increasing the efficiency of police officers, and how every trip can be made safer with this AI system of car crash detection which alerts the emergency services a few seconds after a collision.

Alex will also show how the solution could positively influence the environment by shifting to electronic penalty notices, and why drivers will want this to be implemented as soon as possible. He will also share with delegates how much the system could cost the country (spoiler - nothing) and how the savings could benefit the UK budget.

Oleksiy (Alex) Afonin, Founder, dashcamUa

Oleksiy Afonin is a founder of the leading Ukrainian road safety NGO - dashcamUa. He is also the CEO of the social startup dashcamU, which was established on the basis of the NGO.

The aim of the organisation is to use modern mobile technologies to improve road safety. The mobile application developed by dashcamU is targeted to substantially reduce road fatalities with zero investment from governments, utilizing a crowdsourcing approach for unprecedented effectiveness of the police, rescue services, ambulances and insurance companies.

Oleksiy has extensive experience in the telecoms sector, including management positions in the global conglomerates Siemens and Nokia. He has a MBA from the Instituto de Empresa in Spain), studied at the University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler Business School) and in top Ukrainian universities in the fields of technology and economics.