UKROEd - Introducing the National Rider Risk Awareness Course (NRRAC)

In April 2023, UKROEd launched its newest course – the National Rider Risk Awareness Course. With riders of powered two wheelers sadly continuing to be over-represented in the killed and seriously injured statistics across the UK, the new course has been designed to help clients identify the sources of risks when riding and through interactive videos and discussions seeks to change riding behaviour and prevent riders experiencing negative consequences.

This presentation will explore the background, aims, design and continuing developments for the newly launched course.

Ruth Purdie OBE, Chief Executive Officer, UKROEd

Ruth is responsible for overseeing UKROED’s strategic delivery.

Prior to her appointment in 2018, Ruth was General Secretary of TISPOL, the European Roads Policing Network. She is skilled in crisis management, coaching, assessment, government, emergency management and law enforcement. In her TISPOL role she worked with all European governments, senior police officers and road safety experts to deliver a co-ordinated approach to road safety across Europe.

Ruth’s career as a police officer spanned 33 years and took her to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable. Her experience in policing contributed to her skill in managing critical incidents and major investigations. An experienced interviewer and examination assessor at executive level, she has a proven track record of working in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Working for the College of Policing, Ruth was the lead facilitator in developing the Strategic Command Course – Operational Delivery Module and assessment process between 2015-2019. She holds a first class honours degree in management from the University of Manchester. Ruth was awarded the OBE in New Year Honours list 2021, for services to Policing and Road Safety