The role of Collision Review Boards in the Safe System

Collision Review Boards are a common part of business within the private sector, learning lessons from collisions which can be used to amend both strategic and tactical policy and practice as soon as possible. Sometimes these are based on individual incidents, or on a cluster, and sometimes on a thematic review of a number of incidents of the same type.

In most cases these review not only fatalities or life changing injury, but also ‘high potential incidents’ such as those involving vehicle rollover, even when no serious injury has occurred. This paper uses case studies to look at the different models used by different organisations, and how these can be applied to ensure that a safe system approach is used, and potential lessons for the public sector.

Saul Jeavons, Director, Transafe Network

Before becoming a Director of The Transafe Network, Saul was formerly Head of Investigations and Risk Management at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), where his role included responsibility for road safety, collision investigation, and fleet safety teams, as well as on-scene management of rail crash incident teams.

Prior to his time at TRL he was Road Safety Manager of a leading private community safety consultancy having previously worked as an Area Road Safety Officer in a highway authority, also working in the Accident Investigation & Prevention Engineering and Safety Audit team.

Saul holds a BTEC Continuing Education Diploma in Accident and Safety Management, is a Fellow of the Association for Road Risk Management (ARRM). He sits on the Management and Finance Committee of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), and the Council of Management of the Association for Road Risk Management. Saul is also a Mental Health First Aider for Mental Health Motorbike.

Saul has undertaken projects for major multinational clients in the corporate sector, as well as for government departments and other public bodies in the UK and overseas. He has worked in more than 30 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, Central and South East Asia, Australasia and North America, including major projects on road safety policy for organisations including Shell and BP.