Real-time Road Safety Insights: How AI is paving the way for Vision Zero

It’s widely accepted throughout the industry that traditional sources of road safety data - namely KSI and Stats19 - have their pitfalls. They are incomplete, delayed, and do not deliver the comprehensive and timely insights needed to make the informed decisions and take the necessary actions, to deliver Vision Zero, swiftly and cost-effectively.

In this session, Shane Foley will present how Transport for West Midlands is using the latest developments in AI and computer vision to make informed and measurable road safety improvements. This approach includes data on near miss events in real time, and speed and movement behaviours, that complement KSI and Stats19 insights. Join Shane and discover how AI is revolutionising road safety management, and how one of the UK’s largest public transport authorities is embracing this technology for a smarter, safer and more sustainable transport future.

Shane Foley, Strategic Partner Lead, VivaCity

Shane Foley has extensive experience in both operational management and sales management roles, across large multinational mobility providers and start-up tech-based organisations. He is passionate about sustainable, green travel and working towards making our communities safer, cleaner and generally better places to live.

Shane's role at VivaCity allows him to work alongside combined and local authorities to ensure they can use our cutting edge AI technology to have the best, most accurate data possible to make impactful decisions on the way we live.