Motorcycle Road Safety: time for a rethink?

As we look toward a Net-Zero future, what role does the motorcycle and other forms of powered light mobility play, and how will this impact on how we think and introduce policies to improve road safety?

As recognised by the Government, the motorcycle and scooter sector, along with other forms light 3 and 4 wheeled vehicle types (L-Category), will play a key role in decarbonisation. For this opportunity to be fully realised, it will be necessary to rethink road safety for this vehicle type taking into consideration all aspects, user licencing, training, infrastructure and design.

Tony’s presentation will provide an overview of the joint Government / sector action plan, the progress made so far and the key role this vehicle type will play in decarbonisation. He will challenge the current thinking on road safety and raise questions on what needs to change in the future.

Tony Campbell, CEO, MCIA

MCIA represents in excess of 90% of the supply side of the Motorcycle, Scooter and light 3 & 4 wheeled industry (L-Category) which includes the manufacturers of whole vehicles and accessory, components and organisations proving services to the sector (175 individual companies).

Tony Campbell joined MCIA in September 2017 having been the UK MD for Europe’s largest producer (Piaggio Group) for 13 years. Upon joining he set himself the important objective of repositioning the sector with Government in order to address the many of the misconceptions about the sector which were always heavily influenced by the poor road safety record.

Fully appreciating the seriousness of the sector’s road safety record, MCIA have over many years embarked on a number of initiatives which demonstrated a commitment from the sector to protect our customers, but to also draw attention the vulnerability of using this vehicle type.

It is fair to say, after much effort from the sector and sporadic campaigns from various agencies within Government and road safety organisations, we believe it is time for a rethink as the KSI’s remain broadly unchanged for the last 10 years.