Highway Code Changes 2022: A Lost Opportunity?

Highway Code Rules were updated in January 2022 for equestrians, pedestrians, and cyclists. The British Horse Society were involved in the review and all equestrians were encouraged that specific guidance and advice on how to pass horses safely had now been included in the Code.

The British Horse Society has held surveys at major motoring shows for the past 18 months and still only 1 in 5 drivers are aware of the changes specific to equestrian safety. What was a significant opportunity in driver guidance and awareness appears to have been lost!

Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety, British Horse Society

Alan Hiscox is the strategic lead for the implementation and management of the BHS’s charitable objectives regarding safety for horse riders.

He is also responsible for assessing current and potential opportunities to develop all aspects of safety within the equestrian sector.

Alan served 26 years in the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch and 14 years as chief equitation officer at the Met Police’s Training School.