Ten Steps to Safer Motorcycling

What are ten key points which would achieve a safer motorcycling environment and safer riders?

This presentation will illustrate how both active measures aimed at improving rider standards and policy measures to address rider vulnerability can come together to achieve the goal of reduced casualties. In a concise format, the presentation will offer both policy makers and practitioners the fundamentals of the toolkit which is needed to tackle current issues with motorcycle safety.

Image: Wim Taal

Craig Carey-Clinch, Executive Director, National Motorcyclists Council

Craig Carey-Clinch has been active in motorcycling public policy and road safety issues since the early 1990s. After a spell as director of public affairs with the Motorcycle Action Group, he spent 10 years with the MCIA, heading it’s political function before becoming MD of Rowan Public Affairs in 2009, where he continued to represent MCIA on public policy matters and also undertook a number of different projects in the motorcycle world. In 2021, he ended his work for MCIA after being appointed executive director of the National Motorcyclists Council.

Craig has been involved with several motorcycle policy and safety initiatives. These include, among others, the IHIE Motorcycle Infrastructure Guidelines, similar European guidelines, the early period of BikeSafe and the development of the 2005 Government Motorcycle Strategy. He has sat on several government committees and has extensive European and international experience.

Craig also manages the charity Motorcycle Outreach (MoR), which continues the work of former MAG and FEM activist, the late Simon Milward who passed away on a round the world trip in 2005. MoR supports the management of small motorcycles for healthcare workers in developing countries. Craig is also a tour leader for GlobeBusters Motorcycle Expeditions and has led and supported motorcycle groups on six continents. Craig has worked as a motorcycle journalist and was news editor of Back Street Heroes in the 1990s. He has also published articles in several magazines and a book, the ‘Road to Mali’.