Take Control

The Take Control pre-driver course is delivered to Years 12 and 13, and aims to improve their ability to control their inappropriate impulsive behaviours.

Impulsivity has been defined as a multidimensional construct (Mackillop, et al. 2016). Caci et al. (2003) defined it as “the tendency to act with little forethought, without deliberation and evaluation of consequences” (2003, p.34). It has been linked to a wide range of unsafe behaviours including drug (Wichens et al., 2021) and drunk driving (Treloar et al., 2017) and mobile phone use (Sullivan et al., 2020).

Take Control was delivered in South Yorkshire by South Yorkshire’s Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) and this presentation will present the finding of the evaluation with is currently being completed. The work was funded by the Road Safety Trust.

Ian Edwards, New View Consultants

Ian Edwards is an independent road safety consultant who has developed and delivers several of Road Safety GB’s courses, including the Foundation and Behavioural Change course.

Ian started his career as a road safety officer in Doncaster before moving to Kirklees, where he was responsible for the delivery of their driver improvement schemes.

More recently Ian has been involved in a number of national and international road safety projects including the EU-Funded HERMES project and a fleet management project with an international pharmaceutical company.