Safe System for Motorcyclists: the PRIME road markings project summary

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users with a small number of vehicles on the road accounting for a disproportionate number of the killed or seriously injured (KSI) statistics.

Perceptual Information for Maximising Expertise or Enjoyment (PRIME) represents a new and innovative approach to motorcycle casualty reduction with the design of dedicated road markings for motorcyclists on approach to potential hazards.

Bespoke 'gateway' PRIME road markings were installed and investigated in Scotland from 2020 to 2022 across 22 trial sites in the West Highlands. With data from tens of thousands of motorcyclists, the results show that PRIMEs have a significant and positive effect on rider behaviour in relation to reduced speeds, better road positions, reduced braking and increased use of the road markings. In many cases the results were sustained over long periods of time, showing that motorcyclists continue to use them.

This presentation will provide a summary of the findings, how they relate to the Safe System and in particular safe speeds, safe road use, and safe roads and roadsides. The backdrop to this work is Transport Scotland's 'Road safety Framework to 2030' with the aim of cutting motorcycle casualties by 30%. The research has been supported by Transport Scotland and the Road Safety Trust, and has also been published as two scientific journal papers in relation to the Safe System philosophy.

Professor Alex Stedmon

Alex Stedmon is the current President of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and was also awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor role in the Psychology Department of Cardiff University.

He has specialised in Transport Human Factors and road safety consultancy and also works as an Expert Witness for the courts.

Alex is a keen motorcyclist who has worked with major motorcycle manufacturers, road authorities and also pioneered the first motorcycle simulator in the world using STISIM-Drive software. Alex is currently working with UKROEd helping to design their new National Rider Risk Awareness Course (NRRAC) and also with Transport Scotland conducting research into innovative road markings for motorcycle casualty reduction.