Maximising the road safety potential of Intelligent Speed Assistance

Richard Rowe will introduce Road Safety Trust funded work promoting Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) as a way to reduce speed-related crashes. The research programme includes interviews with drivers who use ISA regularly and with motorists who do not currently have ISA on their attitudes towards adoption. Quantitative work guided by the Theory of Planned behaviour has identified the beliefs that are most strongly associated with intentions to use ISA safely. Richard will discuss how these beliefs might be targeted in safety campaigns to increase ISA usage.

Professor Richard Rowe, University of Sheffield

Richard Rowe is Professor of Psychology at University of Sheffield. Richard completed his PhD addressing hazard perception in Professor Frank McKenna’s laboratory at University of Reading and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at King’s College, London, before moving to Sheffield in 2006.

Richard’s research focusses on the development of risky and antisocial behaviours in young people and the construction of interventions to reduce their risk. His research has been funded by Medical Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, The National Institute of Health Research, and most recently the Road Safety Trust.

Richard has published more than 90 papers on topics including the development of risky driving in newly qualified motorists and the construction and evaluation of interventions for risky behaviours. Recent work has focussed on risky driving in Low- and middle- income countries with projects in Ghana and Iran.

Richard’s work takes an interdisciplinary approach to road safety research. The current Intelligent Speed Assistance project combines Richard’s experience in young people’s risky behaviour with expertise in driving behaviour (Dr Damian Poulter & Dr Ozgun Ozkan, University of Greenwich), health behaviour change (Professor Paul Norman, University of Sheffield) and qualitative methodologies (Dr Marianne Day, University of Sheffield).