Tools for vision zero and the realities of delivering a Safe System

Suzy Charman will introduce some of Road Safety Foundation’s work with national and local authorities and how this has helped shape a new set of tools and approach for Safe System implementation. She will identify key challenges faced by road authorities who are aiming for zero road deaths and will talk about how policy and decision making will need to change.

Dr Suzy Charman, Executive Director, Road Safety Foundation

Suzy Charman is the Executive Director for the Road Safety Foundation (RSF) and a leading expert on the Safe System with just under 20 years’ experience. Before joining RSF, Suzy was head of international road safety at TRL, and before that she was responsible for overseeing the establishment of the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP).

The RSF is the United Kingdom Road Assessment Programme lead, providing coordination and leadership of the programme that brings together work for National Highways, Welsh Government, Department for Transport and many local authorities.

RSF has established Safe System road safety engineering working groups providing a forum for collaboration for road authorities, police, DfT and other stakeholders. RSF provides training and tools helping road authorities to unpack the realities of trying to implement a Safe System.

Suzy is a Trustee for the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund and a judge for several road safety awards including the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards.