Andrew Parker-Mowbray, Safety Hub Team Leader Officer, Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership

Andrew-Parker-MowbrayAndrew Parker-Mowbray has worked in road safety since 2002, primarily involved in analysis of the collision database, safety scheme identification and safety audit.

Andrews’s interest in road safety was first formed whilst he was working at Gloucester City Council, when the city embarked on the Safer City demonstration project in 1996 which looked at a whole city approach to reducing casualties, as opposed to just one area.

In five years the team spent £5m introducing to Gloucester 199 humps, 159 speed cushions 394 tactile crossing points, 53 pedestrian refuges, 17 chicane/build outs and other traffic calming measures. Before working in Gloucester, Andrew worked on a number of trunk road schemes as part of the Roads for Prosperity project of the early 1990s.

He was involved in a variety of activities including environmental assessments, route analysis, junction and drainage design